dploy-lib: dploy’s shared library

dploy-lib is a shared library used throughout the dploy system. It provides a standard library to facilitate a more coherent design between dploy’s various components.

Wait, what is dploy?

dploy is an application deployment system that is meant to be similar to systems like heroku. It utilizes many similar technologies as heroku but allows for customization at various points in the stack. dploy was designed for Blue Water Ads, by Reuven V. Gonzales. Many components of the dploy stack are provided as open sourced projects on github.

Building Services

One of the primary functions this library serves is to aid in the creation of new dploy services. Read more here to learn how to build new services.

ZeroMQ Transport Wrapper

dploy-lib provides a simple wrapper for zeromq. It provides some convenience methods and functions, but also defines a standard messaging envelope for use in dploy applications.

Dploy Notes

Here are a collection of documents describing portions of dploy’s architecture

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